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Tanzania – San Sebastián Connection

The Sunday Diario Vasco featured a double-page spread about Tanzanian chef Michael Matera, who visited Mimo San Sebastián on an exploration of the local cuisine.  Matera was born in a village in Tanzania close to the famous National Park of Serengeti and far from the life of the big capital.

Singita Sabora Camp in Tanzania:








He had no possibility to go to school until 11 years old which was the last year of junior school so he could not study more , he decided to help his family on their farm (as a lot of young people do in Tanzania). But when in 2002 his mother died, he suddenly found himself alone and in charge of 7 siblings. He began to work his way up in the kitchen and won Tanzania’s best chef award.

Mimo invited him to San Sebastián to celebrate the meeting of two food cultures. It was Michael’s first trip out of africa. he participated in the pintxos tours, wine tastings and joined other
other visitors cooking with the team of mimo chefs. he learned a lot about basque food and culture and no doubt taught the locals a few things from tanzania. they all had a lot of fun.Read the entire article in the Diario Vasco here.



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