:) positive encouragement makes a world of difference

I just have to say that I just read an email from my irakaslea (teacher) in Boise, and reading it removed the raincloud that was lurking over my head. She told me to just relax and relish in the positive things that are happening. And she is right! This is the best trip I´ve ever been on! THE BEST EXPERIENCE I´VE HAD SO FAR! And I am wasting my time getting frustrated. So thank you, Nere, your encouragement really helped. Thank you also to those of you who have commented on the blog. Your kind words have made a world of difference for me.

This trip has been amazing so far. Euskal Herria has been everything that I expected, and more. Lazkao, especially. It is an ideal town for me because it is small, surrounded by green, and it just feels safe. And you can speak Euskara wherever you go! (That isn´t possible at home, so I will relish it while I am here. )

On another note, I have much to tell of this last weekend. Megan Cody, and I visited the town of Muxika in search for Megan´s family´s etxea. The story is pretty incredible and I will share it with you later. Now I am going to meet with my new irakaslea, Noe, for some study help. I have many questions for her!

2 thoughts on “:) positive encouragement makes a world of difference

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  2. Igor

    Your time in Lazkao is limited, so don’t waste a minute with frustration, just try to get as much of every experience as you can… you probably would like to learn all the Euskera of the world in 4 weeks, but that is not possible… :0) … but you can have the most amazing experience of your life, in fact.. you are having it.. so.. lasai neska, no place for frustration… CARPE DIEM


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