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My first day!

Ai Ama! What a crazy time it has been! Saturday included way more flying then i was mentally prepared for! I discovered my body does not understand how to sleep on a plane, which I guess I can´t be good at sleeping everywhere! The important thing is though we made it, and in one piece!

On the plane headed from Germany to bilbao i met one of my fellow classmates, we got off the plane with Dafydd grabbed our bags (except for Kathryn, hers were lost) and headed to find our ride to Maizpide.

Alfon pulled up with two other people in the car and not enough room for the three of us so in the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken, Kathryn got in and we put our bags in as well andAlfon left with all our belongings promising to return.

Luckily he did. He took us all to his house and made us food! His whole family came out and cooked and talked with us in our lacking Basque. We weren´t always talking about the same thing but it was definitely interesting! Alfon has a beautiful house and I was so glad he shared with us; it was a fantastic way to start the day!

After lunch we hopped onto a bus that was rented out for us all to get to Maizpide, without a clue as to where we were going, we all hopped in on our next adventure. Alfpn took us to the coast where a chapel is perched ontop of a rock that looks like it is in the middle of the water almost. We stopped in a jatetxea along the way and listened to some musicians and danced. The view was gorgeous and hopefully i will be able to add pictures soon. We then went on our merry way and visited a taberna for sagardoa. There we listened to the locals singing traditional and not-so-traditional songs, it was great!

Soon we headed off and said our fairwells to Alfon and his wife and headed to Maizpide.I am very grateful to Alfon and his hospitality, he made a wonderful welcomin crew!

Arriving at Maizpide was rather relieving, finally after having been up for over a day straight, i could go to bed! I slept like a rock then day 1 of Maidpide started.

In our class we have a combination of people who have been speaking Basque for two years and ones who hadn´t spoken a word until today, it was definitely interesting and a bit overwhelming! We found a happy place eventually so our new students wouldn´t drown, hopefully tomorrow will be less overwhelming!

I went to the bank to pay for the school and found it was a bit more difficult than i had anticipated. I didn´t know any of the words i needed! Luckily another studentfrom Donostia came to my rescue, we foundly refer to him as Casanova! You´ll have to trust me that it is quite fitting. I paid Maizpide and went on my merry way.

Lator our very own Cassanova joined us for drinks, it was a lovely time.

I find the easier time i have speaking Basque, the harder time i have phrasing english!