BOOKS – This particular includes non-reference or grammar books as I’ve found even cookbooks and travel books quite useful to understanding Euskara and its relationship to Basque life and culture.

  • Beginner’s Basque by Wim Jansen (ISBN: 078180933907)
  • Bakarka: Método de aprendizaje individual del euskera (Books I-V)
  • Basque – English, English – Basque Dictionary by Gorka Aulestia and Linda White (ISBN: 0874171784)
  • Basque Girl by Mirim Isasi
  • The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky (ISBN: 0140298517)
  • The Basque Country: A Cultural History by Paddy Woodworth (ISBN: 9780195328004)
  • Life and Food in the Basque Country by María José Sevilla (ISBN: 9781561310357)
  • Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People by Mariana Monteiro (This book is in the public domain. The entire text can be found here)
  • Basque Legends by Wentworth Webster (This book is in the public domain. The entire text can be found here)

MUSIC – This is just some of the different types of music in Basque that I listen to. Although some albums include songs with a strong political message, no sort of political statement is intended by my act of including them in this list.

  • Ken Zazpi
  • Fermin Muguruza (I really enjoy listening to all of the songs in Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash)
  • Jabier Muguruza
  • Sorotan Bele
  • Negu Gorriak
  • Kepa Junkera
  • Mikel Laboa
  • Urtz

WEBSITES – Before I even decided to purchase books and CDs to learn Euskara, I did a lot of browsing through the internet to get a feel for the language and to learn more about the culture. I still browse through a lot of these to supplement my learning.

  • Shared Talk – A fantastic and free language exchange network run by Rosetta Stone. I have met a lot of nice and friendly native Basque speakers here. The best thing about it is that you have three options for communication: voice chat, text chat, and private messages.
  • EITB – I’ve linked this to the English version of the website of EITB, the leading media group of the Basque Country. The website is filled with information, news, and blogs about the Basque Country (as well as the largest Basque community in America, located in Boise, Idaho), culture, and language. Also, if you scroll all the way down, on the right hand side, you can watch programs on the channels: ETB Sat and Canal Vasco as well as listen to the radio stations: Euskadi Irratia, Radio Euskadi, Radio Vitoria, Gaztea, EITB Musika.
  • Buber’s Basque Page – A treasury of information on all things Basque- from the language all the way to the politics and the history.

+++WORK IN PROGRESS! I’ll add more resources as I find and test them out.+++

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