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Hello from BasqueMTB

Hello and welcome to the BasqueMTB blog. Through this blog I’m going to share some of the sights and stories from my mountain biking adventures in the beautiful Basque Country. Keep an eye out for the latest news, photos and videos along with any special holiday news that comes up.

To start with I’d like to set the scene with a video and the story behind it.

Long Days on the Coast
I love spending long, warm days riding by the coast. We’re lucky in the Basque Country that ancient tectonic plate movement kicked up lots of ridge-like mountains which fence the Atlantic ocean here, giving loads of coastal trails with perfectly sized hills. I shot this video one day in October and I  rode the whole day, capturing video as I went, until I got caught out by the sunset. I was still a few hundred meters above the van and had to limp my way down the last descent in the pitch dark. Epic days of riding, from morning until dusk, are what it’s all about. Am I wrong?