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our first taste of txakoli, the sight of a bar filled with tapas, the smell of fresh olive oil being pressed, the feel of thinly sliced jamón ibérico between your fingers…your senses are sharper at the source. We believe travel should be unique and personal, but most of all, it should be authentic. Explore a culture through its food and drink, its producers and chefs and the love and “mimo” they put into all their creations.

Since we were founded in San Sebastián, Spain, in 2009, we strive to bring the mimo to visitors who want to immerse themselves in local food culture. Live the Mimo experience on our culinary tours, at our gourmet shops in San Sebastián (Mimo San Sebastián),  Sevilla (Mimo Sevilla), and Mallorca (Mimo Mallorca), as well as in our luxury cooking school located in the Hotel Maria Cristina in the centre of San Sebastián. Our team of locals is passionate about sharing their culture, offering a taste of its delicious dishes, and welcoming you into the Mimo family.


Our cooking school is run by chefs that man their own restaurants on the side, craft some of the city’s most awarded pintxos, and are passionate and skilled at the art of Basque cooking. From award-winning chef Josean, owner of Zeruko, one of San Sebastian´s most famous pintxo bars, to Patricio Fuentes, our friendly, knowledgeable cooking instructor, our school boasts an impressive array of chefs along with local artisans and our own cooking instructors.

When we designed our cooking school from scratch, we did it with the current culinary technology and our clients in mind. You will find a multitude of tools at your disposal, including: nine induction units, a regular and a flat top grill, four latest generation ovens by NEFF, and locally crafted knives. The 500m2 space itself boasts 18 central work stations with individual drawers, a dining room, a bar area for tastings, as well as a meeting room perfect for events and private classes.


San Sebastián is the culinary capital of the world, with more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else on the planet, a farmer’s market six days a week and hundreds of bustling pintxo bars.

Locals plan their day around where to eat and what to drink, and we aim to give you a taste of authentic San Sebastián, with an added dose of expertise.  Visit our gourmet shop, located in the lobby of the Hotel Maria Cristina, and take a taste of the Basque Country home.

We offer customised hampers and international shipping, as well as a wide selection of edible souvenirs, tableware, and gourmet gifts.

Mimo San Sebastián
Republica Argentina, 4
San Sebastian, 20004

Phone: +34 943 421 143
Twitter: @mimo_food
Instagram: @mimosansebastian





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