Cuatro y Medio first round results: the situation so far

I was sadly unable to see any of the matches over the weekend so a brief round up of proceedings will have to suffice…I hope to do better next weekend and bring you some proper reports!

GONZALEZ beat DIAZ 22-19 (Lekunberri, 11th October)

ARITZ LASA beat ARRETXE II 22-20 (Urretxu, 9th October)

OLAIZOLA I beat OLAZABAL 22-12 (Larrainzar, 10th October)

LEIZA beat BERASALUZE IX 22-15 (Gernika, 12th October)

the Gipuzkoan Aritz Lasa is through

the Gipuzkoan Aritz Lasa is through


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