Live Pelota, 5th-7th March: Pairs Semis and a Debut

The Pairs Championship has been whittled down to the best four couples, and the semi finals begin tomorrow. Each pair plays the other three in the course of the next three weekends. In Baranain tonight, a semi final place is up for grabs in the 2nd Tier Championship. Whoever wins will progress. Upon the conclusion of this match, 20 year old Mikel Idoate Rey, from Pamplona, makes his debut for Aspe.

Friday 5th March, Barañain

22:20 (CET) SARALEGI – ESKUDERO v RETEGI BI – CECILIO 2nd Tier Pairs Championship Quarter Finals


Saturday 6th March, Pamplona

17:55  (CET) MARTINEZ DE IRUJO – BEROIZ v GONZALEZ – LASKURAIN Pairs Championship Semi Final

Sunday 7th March, Logrono

17:05 (CET) TITIN III – PASCUAL v XALA – ZUBIETA Pairs Championship Semi Final

Idoate makes his debut tonight

Idoate makes his debut tonight

All these matches can be viewed live online at

For the Semi Final schedule in the Pairs Championship, go here. For the current state of play in the 2nd Tier Pairs Championship, visit here

Image from: Aspe


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