Daily Archives: 24 November, 2011

Joseba Ezkurdia signs a three year deal with Aspe

Aspe today announced the signing of 20 year old Joseba Ezkurdia for the next three years. The forward, who hails from Arbizu, will play his first professional match on 28th December in Tolosa. His partner and opponents are yet to be named.

Name: Joseba Ezkurdia Galárraga
Place and date of birth: Arbizu, 22/4/1991
Position: Forward
Weight: 93 kgr.
Height: 1,91 m.
Amateur results: Campeón Campeonato de España manomanista 2011; Campeón Copa del Mundo manomanista 2011; Campeón Torneo Elgeta 2011.

Image from: Diario Vasco by Felix Morquecho

4 1/2 Promocion final postponed, and a little trip to Euskadi

In addition to the main Cuatro y Medio final, postponed until 4th December due to Aimar Olaizola’s broken finger, the Promocion final has now been delayed. Stephane Lemouneau and Aitor Mendizabal were due to play this coming Saturday but their match has been moved to Saturday 3rd December because of Lemouneau’s hand problems.

On another note, I am going to the Basque Country tomorrow, despite the fact that there are no Cuatro y Medio finals to attend. The best laid scheme failed to work out, but I will be in Pamplona on Saturday and Eibar on Sunday and will report back on the matches when I’m home! Until next week, agur!