Promocion Pairs Championship

The couples for the Promocion Pairs Championship, the second tier competition, have been announced and are as follows:

For Aspe: Olazabal-Larrinaga, Jaunarena-Cecilio, Gorka-Arruti, Mendizabal III-Ladis Galarza

For Asegarce: Lemuno-Aretxabaleta, Urrutikoetxea-Iza, Tainta-Argote, Rico IV-Untoria

The greatest loser here is the superbly talented Zabaleta who would have been assured of a spot for Aspe, ruled out at the worst time possible with a broken arm. He is expected to be on the sidelines for three months.

The championship begins this Friday in Eibar and the final takes place on Saturday 28th April.

No luck for the injured Zabaleta

No luck for the injured Zabaleta

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