Friday news shorts: Zabaleta on the comeback, Ladis Galarza extends

Aspe report that Jose Javier Zabaleta is on the verge of a comeback; the 20 year old defender broke his right wrist after an accidental fall at Astelena on Christmas Day and if all continues to go well he should be back on the fronton in mid-March. His recovery has been quicker than expected, but this will doubtless do little to erase the disappointment of a winter without a place in the Pairs. Nevertheless, the young talent from Etxarren describes himself as ‘happy and excited’ to be back hitting powerfully in training and is looking forward to a fruitful return. Read a full interview (in Spanish) with Zabaleta here.

Zabaleta: swift recovery

Zabaleta: swift recovery

In other Aspe-related news, the empresa has exteded the contract of Ladis Galarza for another three years. Galarza, who is 21 and hails from Baraibar in Navarre, is currently playing alongside Mendizabal III in the Promocion Pairs Championship.

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