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The Pelota Twitterati: updated!

I did a post last August in which I listed all the professional pelotaris and associated personalities who use Twitter. Since then, several more have joined the fray and with Twitter ever more important as a medium for spreading news and results, I thought it high time for an update!


Fernando Goñi (@fgoni; you can also follow the feed for his hotel, @QuintoReal)

Pablo Berasaluze (@pberasaluze8)

David Merino (@davidmerino21)

Gorka Esteban (@gorka_ezka)

Cecilio Valgañon (@cevalgan)

Alexis Apraiz (@Apraiz2)

Aitor Zubieta (@AitorZubieta; this is a secure account to which you have to send a follow request)

Ladis Galartza (@galartza)

Ibai Zabala (@ibaizabala1)

Alvaro Untoria (@alvarountoria)

Peio Martinez de Eulate (@pmeulate)

Miguel Merino (@miguel_vdt)

Julen Retegi (@retegibi)

Inaki Iza (@izarazua)

Jon Jaunarena (@jonjaunarena)

Joseba Ezkurdia (@josebaezkurdia)

Victor Esteban (amateur, @victor_ezka)

Arkaitz Peñas (amateur, @alcaldearkaitz)


Asergarce (@asegarcepelota)

ASPE (@ASPEpelota)

Pelota media and miscellaneous others

Carlos Zuluaga (@czuluaga; manista.com)

Jorge Elipe (@jorgelipe)

Xabier Euzkitze (@xabiereuzkitze)

Mondo Pilota (@mondopilota)

Bizkaia Fronton (@bizkaiafrontoia)

Arritxu Iribar (@arritxuiribar)

And follow me for updates from this blog (@AlbertinaPdC)

Ibai Zabala and Inaki Iza, tweeters both

Ibai Zabala and Inaki Iza, tweeters both

Photo: mine

Mikel Beroiz out of Manomanista

Mikel Beroiz’s misfortune continues. After an injury to his right hand put paid to the chances of he and Aimar Olaizola making the Pairs final, the young Asegarce star has now been forced out of the Manomanista Championship. He was due to take on Abel Barriola in the first round on 6th May but will be replaced by Aritz Begino. Begino therefore gets a reprieve after losing his qualifying match to Iker Arretxe.