2012 Cuatro y Medio Presented in Zarautz

The presentation for the 2012 Cuatro y Medio Championship took place this morning at the Hotel Restaurante Karlos Arguiñano in Zarautz. Reigning champion Aimar Olaizola will be challenged by fourteen other pelotaris, seven from each empresa. They are as follows:

For Aspe: Martinez de Irujo, Xala, Barriola, Gonzalez, Retegi Bi, Titin III, Mendizabal III (2011 Promocion winner), plus Aritz Lasa, Merino II or Idoate
For Asegarce
: Olaizola II (defending champion), Arretxe II, Bengoetxea VI, Urrutikoetxea, Saralegi, Albisu, Berasaluze VIII

The first match takes place on Saturday at Ogueta in Vitoria-Gasteiz when Gonzalez plays Urrutikoetxea and the final will be on December 2nd at a fronton to be determined. The draw is as follows:

Group A: Gonzalez vs Urrutikoetxea >Bengoetxea VI>Olaizola II
Group B: Arretxe II vs Mendizabal III>Titín III>Xala
Group C: Saralegi vs Albisu>Retegi BI>Irujo
Group D: (play-off between Merino II and Idoate this Friday)>Aritz Lasa (play-off against Merino II or Idoate)>Olaizola I>Berasaluze VIII>Barriola

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