Promocion Pairs Championship announced

The combinations have been announced for the Promocion Pairs Championships, which start this Friday in Zaldibar. They are as follows:

For Asegarce: Elezkano-Larunbe, Rico IV-Untoria, Lemuno-Aretxabaleta, Tainta-Ladis Galarza

For Aspe: Gorka-Cecilio, Apezetxea-Larrinaga, Olazabal-Arruti, Mendizabal III-Merino I

The matches in the first rotation will be:

Friday, Zaldibar: Rico IV-Untoria v Elezkano-Larunbe
Saturday, Pamplona: Lemuno-Aretxabaleta v Tainta-Ladis Galarza
Sunday, Eibar: Gorka-Cecilio v Mendizabal III-Arruti
Monday, Tolosa: Apezetxea-Larrinaga v Olazabal-Arruti

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