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Irujo, Zubieta and a Very Basque Rumba

Add two great pelotaris to a swell of guitars, dance beats and swaying villagers, gathered around a fronton from a bygone era, and you get the new music video from Arrebote, designed as a vehicle for their song, ‘La mejor dejada’. Arrebote was formed four years ago in the Navarrese town of Alsasua. Member Iñigo Muñoa, who came to know the rhythms of the rumba catalana as a child hearing gypsies sing on his family’s travels, is a friend of Aitor Zubieta who lives in nearby Etxarri-Arantz. Zubieta agreed to appear and spoke to Juan Martinez de Irujo, who also became involved in the project. The result is a 3 1/2 minute video following a group of friends who attend a pelota match, along with botilleros, bookmakers, a priest and an officer of the Guardia Civil. The technical production in this very home-grown project is the handiwork of another villager, Javier Galeano.

Watch the finished product here!

Image from Deia