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Fragrant Yellow Treasure

Our little family dropped in to see Jon Warren and Susan Creamer’s San Sebastián Food at their bright new location within Hotel Maria Cristina a Luxury Collection Hotel.

Coffee with Susan was delightful, and as we were introduced to Jon something he was carrying caught my eye.  A fragrant yellow treasure otherwise known as a “limón de luna”—Moon Lemon—that flowers on the full moon and thrives on the full sun of Iberia.  Its pleasing aroma confirmed that it had been freshly plucked from an orchard in Extremadura.

Returning home we snapped this picture of our new citrus friend just before its delicious demise.  Slicing in was exhilarating, a thrill as the thick supple skin parted to surprize us with rings of perfect teardrops, succulent and easily carved, spilling the lemony essence.

We finally squeezed and zested it, fully releasing the aromatic juice, and then sat back, thirst quenched, to enjoy the last of the coastal Basque sunshine.

I now see why Jon praised the Limón de Luna’s sweet vibrant taste, and I blame him for my fresh addiction to lemons.  This small yellow friend squeezes ahead and makes a splash on the culinary scene, just a small taste of the delicacies offered at San Sebastián Food.

By Jonathan McCallum

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