Olaizola II and Albisu Champions in Zarautz

Wednesday 16th August, Zarautz


Torneo Villa de Zarautz Final

Aimar Olaizola and Jon Ander Albisu came from behind to win the day at Aritzbatalde last night, thus lifting the crown in the 2012 Torneo Villa de Zarautz. The tournament was sadly truncated this year, consisting of one match only but this did not dampen the competitive nature of the tie, in which the defending champions were forced to scrap by the pretenders to the title. In the early play, the Aspe pair dominated, going up 16-11 and looking in control. However, once Manomanista Champion Olaizola slipped up a gear, there was little Irujo and Zubieta could do to control him. Olaizola showed off his full repertoire of shots while Albisu grew in consistency, and Irujo and Zubieta added only two more points before succumbing 22-18.

Scoring sequence: 2-0/ 2-1/ 2-4/ 6-4/ 6-7/ 7/ 7-10/ 16/ 20-16/ 20-17/ 21-17/ 21-18/ 22-18
Winners/errors: Olaizola 6/4 (1 service winner), Irujo 6/7, Albisu 0/7, Zubieta 0/7
Match time: 59 minutes with 26 minutes of actual play
Balls hit: 525

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