Who and Why?

05022010327A Basque that wants to show you as many aspects as possible of this much unknown part of the Western world. Not the typical “off the beaten track” information, but those things that will help you to understand us better during your visit. Or before your visit. Or you may not visit us in your life, but would like to. Oh, heck with those Basques, what are they anyway?

A “mugalari” (a border crosser, in Basque) was somebody that worked as a helper to those that wanted to cross to France through hidden mountain passes in the Pyrenees. They also worked as smugglers of goods, thanks to their excellent knowledge of the land and the mountains.

From a more personal point of view…I´ve travelled quite a lot, both for work and for pleasure, and have marvelled at things that weren´t worth it BUT…they were famous for some reason. I´ve been in hundreds of tourist traps, I´ve paid expensive tickets for attractions that were a bluff, I´ve been to recommended restaurants where all candid tourists would meet…and I´m fed up will all that. This blog is intended to help you to see the other (also nice) side of places, the bars and restaurants and nature or historic spots where we, locals, feel good. And we want you to be part of it also, but one at a time, please…

I´m not a native English speaker, so please forgive me for the (many) spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes that I will make on my posts.

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