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Kaixo eta Ongi Etorri!!

or Hello and Welcome, as we say in Basque. Welcome to this blog, where I hope to be able to show, and explain, and give details, and help, and…, all those aspects of interest related to the Basque Country (not the political concept as it is nowadays, but a broader concept including those territories that are culturally Basque but politically separated) and areas nearby. We are Basques, and very proud of it (sometimes a bit too much…), and a difficult people to understand (or at least that´s what we like to think of ourselves). Yes, you´ve probably heard about our desires for independence, the “troubles”, our “bloody incomprehensible” language, our ancestral customs, the crazy rural sports based on strength or speed, our famed restaurants and pintxos, and so on. I´ll talk about it…and about many other things related to us. But I´ll focus mainly on the most appealing aspects of our culture, so when you come and visit us you may be able to discover a “different” Euskadi.

(by the way, I´m not a native English speaker, so please be kind towards my many mistakes in grammar, syntax and English spelling…)