Discover the Basque Country


In the typical drizzle and burst of sunshine of the Basque Country, Zumaia stands out between the tranquil green hills and crashing waves, as its world-famous rock flysch slices out of the coast like huge stone shards.  Geologists, surfers and foodies will all find a reason to love this little port town, as well as those passing through on the paths of St. James and “Ocho Apellidos Vascos”*.

In Zumaia, a sweet chapel overlooks the fossil-filled flysch and the wedge-shaped wave that has produced professional body boarders.   From the town, a great surf spot and an up-close encounter with the flysch is only a two-minute boat ride or a short drive and a kilometer walk away.  Be sure to wear water shoes and be careful of the changing tide.  But all warnings aside, it’s a wonderful place!

  •  the recent Spanish movie “Eight Basque Surnames”

Photos, Video & Words by Jonathan & Sarah McCallum

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