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People of the Landscape

I love good food, picturesque scenery, and a cozy place to rest.  But even more, I love getting to know the people of the landscape. It is the art from hands that presents food in a way that the eyes and palate enjoy all aspects of a meal.  It is the care from the heart that makes a place homey and warm.  And the land yields a scrumptious harvest because of the intimate knowledge and attention someone sowed in to the seeds, the growth, the slow movement of life.

I have some friends who are business people, yet when you look inside their businesses, you realize they are so much more.  They cater to travelers, foodies and locals alike, and they have taught me a lot about enjoying life.  Mikel and Saioa of Saiaz Getaria Hotel, Enrique of Restaurante Txoko and Jaime of Aroa Farms are passionate people, pouring their lives into their work so that the experience of the visitor is phenomenal.  They make it so much more than just a sea view room, a grilled sea bream, or a freshly plucked tomato.

Words & *Photos By Jonathan McCallum

*with the exception of Enrique’s profile photo

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