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Pelota on ETB Sat, 26th-28th August

Friday 26th August, Bilbao

22:05 (CEST) It is unclear what is being shown on ETB Sat tonight. The broadcast will feature the doubles game between:


However, before that there is a pala match, so I do not know whether they will show that and then the above doubles match, or the doubles match first followed by the cuatro y medio game between ARITZ LASA and OLAETXEA. Whatever the truth is, there will be coverage between 22:05 and 00:10. This coverage is not live however, as in reality the matches start at 16:45.

Saturday 27th August, Bilbao

15:50 (CEST) Again, I am not sure what this is. I imagine it will be the Aste Nagusia final between BERASALUZE VIII – BEGINO and TITIN III –MERINO II, but there is no word on the website of either empresa of it being broadcast so I cannot be sure. It appears to be only one match, as coverage ends at 17:00.

Sunday 28th August, Villar de Torre



To watch, go to https://www.eitb.eus/television/etb-sat/en-directo

Torneo Aste Nagusia Semi Finals

Bilbao’s inaugural summer tournament, the Torneo Aste Nagusia, is taking place this week at Bizkaia. The first semi final was held on Wednesday, and saw a 22-19 victory for TITIN III – MERINO II over OLAIZOLA II – BEROIZ. It was a tough match, lasting well over an hour and involving 810 strikes of the ball, but the closeness of the final scoreline belies the reasonable ease with which the Aspe partnership triumphed. They lost the first point but after that were never headed, despite being held to 4-4 and 9-9. They opened up a gap with the finish line in sight, leading 17-12 and 19-14. Olaizola and Beroiz, still inexperienced as a pairing, pulled themselves back into it at 19-19, but lost the next three points to cede the match. The losers played well in spurts but neither had their best day, while Merino in particular played excellently.

Scoring sequence:  0-1/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 6-4/ 6-5/ 8-5/ 8-7/ 9-7/ 9/ 10-9/ 11-10/ 11/ 12/ 17-12/ 17-14/ 19-14/ 19/ 22-19

Last night, Titin and Merino II learnt the identity of their final opponents, as BERASALUZE VIII – BEGINO beat MARTINEZ DE IRUJO – LASKURAIN 22-14. The game was intense, but the Asegarce pair won with some confort. They were tracked closely by their opponents in the early part of the match, but from 8-8 onwards Berasaluze opened his shoulders, dominating Irujo on his way to ten winners in the match. Irujo gave him far too many gifts and his adversary had the form to capitalise. The final will be held tomorrow.

Scoring sequence: 3-0/ 3-1/ 4-1/ 4-2/ 5-2/ 5-4/ 7-4/ 7-6/ 8/ 13-8/ 13-11/ 15-11/ 15-12/ 17-12/ 17-13/ 18-14/ 22-14

Pablo Berasaluze, flying high

Pablo Berasaluze, flying high

Source: Aspe, image from reta