Por Amour. A Boisean in the Basque Country



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  1. Asun

    I did my journey 38 years ago but the other way around, I left the Basque Country, family and friend to come to the USA, and it was for love too, I hope yours turns as good as mine, I don’t have any regrets, I’m very happy we’re I am .

  2. Larry Olson

    We just became connected on LinkedIn. I hope that connection will continue and the relationship will only grow stronger. I was in Spain and the Basque Country earlier this spring. Tengo ganas de regresar lo mas pronto possible. I’m looking forward to reading the blog and following your journey. A strong move and one which will bless your life, even tho it is a loss to Idaho and Boise.

    Communicate any time and if I might be of help I would be glad to do.

    Larry Olson

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