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Jaiak or Fiesta or Festival = FUN!

Jaiak, fiesta or festivals, call it what you want, most people call it fun.  Here are photos of the first weekend of festivities in celebration of San Pedro (St. Peter) that took place in Mungia!!

For the first time attending these festivals, I noticed I enjoyed the events that happened during the day more than those at night!

I hope you enjoy!!

Oh and don’t forget to take note of the older gentleman in the sparkly hat…we didn’t hit it off. He asked me if I had been eating because it showed – so I followed up by asking if he had been drinking because it showed! Oh Santiago!!

mungia2 mungia1 mungia9 mungia4 mungia11 mungia3 mungia10 mungia19 mungia18 mungia17 mungia20 mungia21 mungia22 mungia23 mungia24mungia31 mungia29 mungia27 mungia26 mungia25 mungia30 mungia32 mungia33 mungia34 mungia35 mungia36 mungia39 mungia37 mungia41


4 thoughts on “Jaiak or Fiesta or Festival = FUN!

  1. udane

    Omg jajja i need that pictures jajaj send me when you come….
    I have more pictures for you
    Love you and miss you

  2. Elizabeth Eiguren-Bilbao

    Kemen is so cute as he plays! So much like his Aita! It looks like fun, even the guy in the sparkly, purple hat!

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