Jai Alai: Master Jai's weekly update on American Jai Alai

19/02/2009: Beñat and Zuri have had a great weak in Miami, where they are now the best front and back courters during the last seven days. Beñat, who is still in the lead of the Most Wins with 56 victories, has won seven quinielas, one more than Jon. Zuri have won eight, and Irastorza, who hasn’t played since sunday, have won seven.

When it comes to Dania, Jairo and Madarieta have managed to accumulate nine wins during the last week, but Erik, with 140 wins, is still the one with the most wins, 25 ahead of Diego. Enbil is still in the lead for the backcourters. The most positive news during the last week has been Andoni Arriagas return to the court. He has now won six quinielas during theese last days.

In Orlando Olaba is in the lead with 59 wins, seven more than Azpillaga. Frank has taken a big step in the classification with his 15 wins. This has also been a good week for Larru who have won thirteen quinielas and become the best backcourter during the last seven days.

In Fort Pierce Hernandez has been the best player with seven wins, one more than Danny, and with his 36 victories he stays in the lead of the Most Wins. Arriaga is second with 31 quinielas won.

Source: Translated from Master Jai

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