3rd week

This weekend we stayed in Bilbao in the old part of town, a labyrinth known as Zazpi Kaleak. On Sunday we went to Mungia, Bakio, Bermeo, Gernika, Muxika and Amorebieta. Thanks to a fortunate series of events, Megan Y. was able to find the house of her great grandfather who immigrated to the US around the turn of the century. We met the family now living there, her family. It was surprising for them to have a stranger from the USA show up like that claiming to be their relative. We talked for a long time about the geneology. We still have some research to do but all signs indicate that it is her family. It was an amazing experience. If you want the full story you´ll have to wait for the novel.

Bizkaia is a beautiful place, as is the whole Basque Country. You can´t imagine the forests, unless you´ve been to Idaho or Oregon. We are hitting it hard in school, but not in the bars. I´m saving it up for Thursday.

Tonight a Bertsolaria is going to sing at dinner. If you don´t know what that is, Google it!

Until next time. Agur!

3 thoughts on “3rd week

  1. Ken Beaudreau

    Hi Cody, Good to hear your voice. Just from the short phone call it was apparent you are having a great experience. We miss you and look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your travels…..see you in July…say hello to the Megan’s…..Love Dad

  2. nere

    @Ken Beaudreau

    Hello Mr. Beaudreau,

    This is Nere, the trio’s BSU Basque teacher. I just visited them today at the school. They are doing great, eating very well (ask Cody about the olives), and ready to learn and enjoy their time there. I hope to see them again this coming weekend in Donosti. The director of the school joined us for lunch and it is obvious that the trio (of course individually) is very well liked at the school. Cody can’t stop talking in Basque, he says he’s even dreaming in Basque. That says it all. I am sure a proud prof.!
    I hope to meet you in Boise. Maybe at the Basque festival…

  3. Ken Beaudreau

    Dear Nere, Thank you for your comments. I know that Cody loves the language. I have high hopes he will be able to put it to use. We are all very proud of him and look forward to his return. Thank you for all of your hard work. I hope that the Basque communitty will be proud of what these young people are doing..Thanks again, Ken Beaudreau


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