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Megan Otteman

Kaixo! I’m Megan. And I have the ultimate privilege of studying abroad at Maizpide in Lazkao, Gipuzkoa, for a month!! I have been studying Euskera for four semesters at Boise State, and now I’m actually going to Euskal Herria to practice what I have already learned, and learn more. My ultimate goal is to become fluent.

It has been my dream to visit the Basque Country for many years now. My grandmother Rita was Basque and her culture meant a lot to her. She spoke fluent Euskera and loved to dance the jota (as our home videos show). Though she is in heaven now, I know that she is smiling and proud of her neska txikia.

Studying Basque, I feel a strong connection with that part of the family I didn’t really get a chance to know.  In addition to speaking Euskera, I also dance with the Oinkari Basque dancers in Boise. That has also been a real treat to get to know the traditional dances. I will have an opportunity to dance with a group in the Basque Country, so it will be great to get a taste of Gipuzkoan dancing!

I am beyond excited to see the home of my ancestors-and I can’t wait to begin this adventure!!!

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  1. Garin Etcheberry

    Kaixo Megan,

    I’m a fellow Basque-American. My sister (also named Megan) and I are ridiculously proud to be Basque and after seeing this video we’re talking about trying to learn Euskara. I just wanted to let you know that you’re becoming an inspirational celebrity for young Bascos! (the other Megan is inspiring too but she doesn’t seem quite as fired up about being Basque). And I feel like if a non-Basque like Cody is learning it I better step up and represent our people better! Anyways, thanks and keep the blog going so we can follow along.


  2. Megan Otteman

    @Garin Etcheberry
    You should go for it! Learning Euskera is difficult, but you´ll love it. Our language is an essential part of our culture, and it´s our job to keep it going. It is one of the hardest things I´ve done, but also one of the most rewarding. So, as my irakaslea (teacher) Nere told me, Aurrera!!

  3. Ken Beaudreau

    Megan, it sounds like your having a great time, cherish it, time goes by so quick…..write everything down, take pictures……I hope its a trip of a lifetime….thanks for taking care of Cody and vice versa…….

    1. Megan Otteman

      I am having an amazing time, and I will make sure to breathe it all in and cherish every moment. Cody has been great. Without his help, we couldn´t have had the same experience. Plus, he keeps us laughing ALWAYS!

  4. mark molina

    you are a real inspiration!!! i too am very proud of my basque blood. I think I learned to read from my mother’s National Geographic articles about Euskadi. I have been using books and CD’s to try and learn a little of the language, and when i go to Lekeitio (my amuma’s village in bizkaya) i use a few words, but what you are doing is truly an adventure. I am so envious.

  5. josu

    animo neska ta urtean zehar laguntzarik behar badozu,messengerren edo facebooken bitartez,esan;eta ni eta nire lagunen bat,prest egongo gara zuri laguntzeko.

    Gora gu eta gutarrok,ondo izan

  6. Ella

    Kaixo Megan!!

    Ive just somehow come across this blog/site and I too am at Maizpide. I just started the beginner’s course on Monday! Are you still there?! What a crazy coincidence!!! I love synchronicity 🙂
    Id love to hear more about your experience even if you’re not there anymore..but if you are…would be LOVELY to meet yoU! Especially being another english speaker learning this foreign amazing language….
    If you’ve got the time…Id love to connect somehow!

    Ondo segi!!

  7. carla gheller

    Megan- i hope you are the person i am looking for- you are my god child- your mom is Mary Hillis and your dad is John Otteman- i have been searching for you and your mom for a long time- please let me know if you are the right individual- been longing to be in touch for a long time- your grandparents were Gene and Rita Hillis- yes your grandma was Basque
    descente- please let me know if you are the person-

  8. Carla Gheller

    Megan- i hope you receive this- i have been trying to get a hold of you and your mom for a very long time- I am your God mother- please write back if you get this


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