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The Basque Run/Walk Korrika will take place in Boise on March 30, organized by The Basque Museum

Date: March 30, 2019
Time: Registration begins at 1030, “run” will start at 11 AM.
Where: Meet at the Basque Museum (611 W Grove St). There will be a Registration table set up outside
Cost: $10 if you register early, $15 if you register the day of the event. Children 12 & under are $5.

LINK TO REGISTER: https://basquemuseum.eus/shop/korrika-2019

Frequently asked questions

What do I wear?
Wear something festive and show off your Euskara and Basque Pride! Get colorful!

How long is the run?
It will be 2.2 miles, and will start and finish at the Basque Museum. We will loop Julia Davis, go up to the Capitol for pictures, and end at the Museum. Expect it to take about 1 – 1.5 hours.

Do I have to RUN?
NO! This is a festive walk/run that is family friendly. Go at your own pace!

Will there be food?
The Basque Museum will not be providing lunch, but they encourage everyone to check out the Basque Market or Basque Block after the race and enjoy the festivities!

Can I bring props?
Sure! Feel free to bring your Ikurrina, signs, or posters!

So, what is Korrika and why should I participate?

Korrika is an event put on by AEK, a Basque organization to revive, promote, raise awareness, and raise funds for the Basque Language. It is an 11 day race that tours most of the Basque country, promoting Euskara. The theme of this year’s race is “Klik”, or making the decisions to participate in your local Euskara programs and actively try to use and grow the Euskara language.

Here in Boise, the Basque Museum has organized a much smaller, festive version of this event. All proceeds go towards local Euskara Language Programs. The aim is to raise awareness and funds for the Euskara language.

You can read more about the 2019 Korrika in the Basque Country here: http://www.korrika.eus/en/who-organizes-korrika.html

If your still not convinced, here is the dance mashup music video promoting 2019 Korrika:

For more information, please email Kylie Bermensolo at Kylieb@basquemuseum.eus.

For more on past Korrika celebrations in Boise: https://weblogs.eitb.eus/basqueboise/?s=Korrika

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