A Basque in Boise

Kaixomaitia.eus has started featuring content from readers on their blog

After asking for readers’ help, online dating site for Basque language speakers, Kaixomaitia.eus, has started featuring their works on the blog.

As luck would have it, the first featured post from a collaborator came from a Basque in Boise. I’ve never had any of my articles translated into another language, so this is very exciting.

I wrote Tougher Than The Rest a few months back, while I was going through hard times. Reading other people’s heartbreak stories helped me cope, so I thought that perhaps mine would someday make someone else feel better.

I’d like to thank Kaixomaitia.eus for taking the time to translate the post into Basque and make it sound way better than the original.

Here you have it: Besteak baino gogorragoa.

(Courtesy of Me Roe on Flicker)

(Courtesy of Me Roe on Flicker)

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