A Basque in Boise

For my friends

friends-pictures-20I read one of these “quote posts” that pop up on Facebook almost by the minute, which said that intelligent people are able to enjoy their solitude, while the rest fill it up with any one person. I got a bit worried at first, because even though I do enjoy my time alone once in a while, more often than not I’m surrounded by people, and nobody likes a dummy.

I started thinking back to the time when I sold the house on Victory and bought the one on Hummel. I had to work and take care of the kids, so moving all the stuff from one place to the other seemed like a daunting task. My friend took charge and spent a whole day making trips, and basically moved me all by herself.

What about that friend who prohibited me from taking a taxi to the airport, insisting on taking me herself, even though the plane left at six in the morning? Her husband took time from his garden and bees last year to lift the carpet off the guest bedroom when I decided I better install hardwood floors.

When my computer keyboard couldn’t take it any more, my neighbor spent over three hours removing the 200 minuscule screws that attach it to the frame, then screwing them back on to install the new one.

A few months ago, when I was worried about plane ticket prices to Bilbao, I received a generous offer so I could breathe easier for a while if it came to that.

When I broke down the other day and needed a shoulder to cry on, all it took was a phone call and I was comforted for as long as I needed that day.

Putting up with me as her pala partner when I sucked even more than I suck today. And winning the league!

Endless, incredibly politically incorrect chats.

Happy Hours.

Dani Martin.


The truth is, I am surrounded by many people, but I would not call any of them “any one person.” So that still makes me smart, right? These are wonderful friends that care for me and always have my back. I can’t imagine going through the ups and downs of life if they were not there.

Thank you.


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