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Olentzero visits the Basque Center in Boise

One more Christmas, and Olentzero did not disappoint a bunch of Boise kids eager to get their presents. Like every year, Boiseko Basque dancers performed the Winter Program at Borah High School (which was awesome), and right after it was over we all got into our cars – quickly – and drove our kids to the Basque Center for some yummy lunch and to wait patiently for Olentzero’s arrival.

This year Euzkaldunak kicked butt. When we got there we were told to go downstairs and get some red bean soup, solomo sandwich, cake, and cookies. Which was great, as we all get there pretty hungry after the Winter Show. Right after we went back upstairs to sing Christmas songs and listen to the Mayor read Olentzero’s story. And pretty soon it was time to sing really hard and make Olentzero come through that door. You can tell that Maitane took-it-to-heart! Wow! Was she excited or what? That single minute of her singing makes the day’s craziness all worth it. Tenfold. Andoni, well… he’s like, “whateva, been here, done this.”

My kids still believe in Olentzero, and Santa, and the Three Wise Kings (although please, don’t say anything, I haven’t mentioned them this year, one is not made of money!). More than believing, I think they’re resisting the truth. On our way to the Basque Center I had to figure out why we can’t see Santa but we can see Olentzero. Then, I have to make up a story to explain Olentzero’s fake beard. And next week a different, younger, cuter Olentzero is stopping by the Ikastola, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to explain why he suddenly lost 30 lbs and has a real beard. Oh well, at least I’m ready for it.

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