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Feminist Barbie, please?

CEO Barbie is ok in my book

CEO Barbie is ok in my book

The good news is that my parents, the kids and I have dinner together as a family every night. The bad news is that it lasts of all 2.5 minutes before my kids gulf down amama’s choice of menu and one runs to the sofa so he can watch TV, while the other sits in front of the computer and finds her way to YouTube.

She opens the page and types in “More Barbie”. I start feeling uncomfortable (remember, she’s five). I have always hated Barbie, maybe because she is the antithesis of me on every level – well, maybe almost every level. I did share her love for credit cards at one point, but it was for a brief period of time and I am now a born again frugal spender.

I have no idea who put this video together – it features Barbie and Ken dolls during a domestic scene, but I almost fell of my chair when I heard the conversation. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea:

Barbie: Oh, Ken, welcome home. How was your day?
Ken: Fine, I’m tired.
Barbie: What can I do for you? Would you like me to massage your neck? (What???)
Ken: You’re going to be so surprised when you see what I got you!
Barbie: What is it?
Ken: It’s parked outside.

At this point I resist the urge to puke, get up from the chair like someone just poked my butt, and pry the mouse from my daughter’s little hands (which are surprisingly strong when it comes to Barbie stuff). I wanted to be all up in arms, but I decided to take the opportunity to tell her how much CRAP that whole Barbie/Ken episode really was. I didn’t use those exact words, but I was this close. Instead, I told her about keeping up with school and studying hard so she can find a great job and buy herself whatever car she wants. And that if someone wants a massage, I know a couple of places with good prices and awesome masseuses.

Then, before I squeeze her goodnight and kiss her cheeks, I ask her what she is going to do with her last name when she grows up, whether she gets married or not. That’s right. She is going to keep it forever.

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3 thoughts on “Feminist Barbie, please?

  1. Diana

    Hey, didn’t you hear the news? Barbie and Ken divorced a few years back. Not sure about what caused the split, but something tells me Ken is massaging a hairier neck now…

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