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“Artzainak” to participate in the Chagrin Falls International Documentary Film Festival

“Artzainak” (Shepherds and sheep), the short film directed and produced by Javi Zubizarreta and Jacob Griswold, has been selected in yet another Film Festival, the Chagrin Falls International Documentary Film Festival (Ohio, USA).

The film is set up in the hills of Idaho, where immigrants earn their wages in solitude as the quiet caretakers of thousands of serene sheep.

The documentary has an amazing track record. Last year, the film participated at the 26th Edition of the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market (France). In January 2011, it was invited to participate in a new edition of the Guadalajara Iberoamerican Film Market (Mexico), and in August, it was nominated for an award in the Ireland International Film Festival.

Before the Chagrin Falls International Documentary Film Festival, the documentary was selected in a variety of different film festivals, both nationally and abroad:

  • The IX Edition of the VISUAL Cine Novisimo Film Festival (Madrid, Spain)
  • The San Diego Latino Film Festival (USA)
  • The CULTURE UNPLUGGED Film Festival (India)
  • The Eighteenth Annual SAN DIEGO Latino Film Festival (USA)
  • The Prague’s Antropofest International Film Festival
  • The Oficial Section in the VINDUERO-VINDOURO International Film Festival of Spain.
  • The IRELAND International Film Festival
  • Reality Bytes film festival
  • The Notre Dame Student Film Festival
  • To be included at the Library of the Documentary Edge New Zealand Trust in Auckland and Wellington (New Zealand)

More information on the documentary’s Facebook page here.

On a related story, Javi Zubizarreta’s latest work, “Zuretzako” (“For You”), will premiere next Thursday, August 18th, from 7 to 10 p.m., at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise.

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