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New Mexico Euskal Etxea upcoming events

Isaba Immigrant Reunion, Sept 30 – Oct 3

30 Sept (Friday) – 9am Sisterhood event, lunch and a tour of NHCC will be included.
1 Oct (Saturday) – Coffee at Victor Perez Ranch, Tour Vaughn, Cowboy food at Ramon Perez Jr. Ranch (send $30 per person to Deanna at the address below if you would like to participate.
2 Oct (Sunday) – Balloon Fiesta, Rancho de Las Golondrinas, & Santa Fe

Deanna Pérez
P.O. Drawer P
Fort Sumner, NM 88119
home: 575-355-7527
cell: 575-760-3864
Basque DNA Lecture, Saturday, October 15, 10:30am
Albuquerque Main Library Auditorium
“In Part I of an ongoing series, Mr. Cervantes will explore the connection between certain New Mexican families and the Basque. Mr. Cervantes will show a short film that will trace the history of these people. He will discuss which families show the markers that are most identified with this ancient civilization.”

See the enclosed flyer for more information.

Angelo R. Cervantes
Project Administrator
Basque DNA Project
New Mexico DNA Project
Euskara Lessons, Santa Fe
Thank you for the tremendous turnout at our Euskara Lesson last month. Blas and Karen plan to offer additional classes 4-6 times a year if there is interest. Contact Blas at nmee@buber.net or (505)670-9642 for more information.
A Cooking Class with Chef Diane Perkins
The cooking class with Chef Diane Perkins was wonderful! Thank you so much to Karen Squires, Julia Chacon, and of course Chef Perkins.
The group is considering a follow-up class that emphasizes Spanish sauces and the Spanish Gateau Basque. Contact Karen at nmeecookingclass@gmail.com or (505) 470-7210 if you are interested in participating.
Autumn Potluck
The date and location have yet to be determined, but thank you to Tricia Erazo Penn for working so hard to arrange something perfect!
Winter Potluck
Eve Cobos has generously volunteered to host a potluck in her Albuquerque home in January or February. The date will be announced soon.
Basque Film
The location and date are still to be determined.  But, we have identified a film, Aupa Etxebeste! A comedy set in the Basque Country, the film follows the exploits of Patricio Etxebeste.  From IMDB: “Patricio Etxebeste owns a beret-making factory. An important local figure, he is standing for mayor in the upcoming elections. What nobody knows is that he is completely ruined and can’t even pay for his yearly holiday.”
More information coming soon, but in the meantime, start practicing your version of “Basque Popcorn”!
Contact: Blas 505.670.9642
Tentative: Slide Show
Contact: Karen 505.470.7210 or Blas 505.670.9642

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