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iPhone location reminders

My mind is a biuuuutiful place, full of unrealized stories, dreams and adventures. A place where I’m taller, thinner, wealthier. The female version of Leo Messi.

In my mind, everything turns out the way I want to, when I want to, with whoever I want to, and if anybody tries to screw with me, I just make them disappear without moving a muscle. Boise and Bilbao are a couple of bus stops away. Facebook and Skype are irrelevant now that I can talk to people in person.

It’s hard to step away from Paradise. Tonight, for the umpteen time, I missed the turn to get to my house. The kids laugh louder every time it happens and have started their own betting game. It’s embarrassing. So I’ve decided to put the iPhone location reminders to good use: as soon as I pass Onondaga Street an alarm will go off that will snap me out of it and prevent me from missing the turn again. Sad, but brilliant all the same.

(Photo from http://www.lapala.cl)

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