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On rising gas prices

In a nutshell: we’re screwed.

The gas price hike sneaked up on me. I filled the tank about a week ago for $3.34/gallon, and yesterday I realized gas prices went up 20 cents in five days. Ouch. I’m fine now. I stopped by Fred Meyer last night and got some Vaseline.

I know you’re hurting just as bad as I am, so I thought I’d share some ideas to save on gas:

  1. Don’t drive. This is the number one tip that will translate into more money in your pocket.
  2. Use your bike. You live in Caldwell but work in Boise? No problem! Not only will you save on gas money, you’ll save on your gym membership too!
  3. Use public transportation. Oh. Right. This is Idaho. My bad.
  4. Enroll in a carpool. Find out how many people in your area work at H-P, 8:30 to 5:30 shift, have their kids every other week, on your same week, who also attend Whitney Elementary, then share the ride.
  5. Buy a Hybrid car. I know. I’m just giving you ideas. Don’t shoot the messenger. Besides, I found out that you can put a gun rack in a Chevy Volt. Not only that, you can put a gun rack on your bike too! There is no excuse anymore to postpone trading your F-150 for a Prius. Sure, you’ll look totally gay, but that’s why you’ve got the gun rack.
  6. Borrow rides from your friends whenever possible. People always say you drive like shit. Use it to your advantage when they suggest you take the car this time.
  7. You live in southwest Boise. Strangely enough, all your friends are tree hugger-snobs that live in the Northend. It’s time to look for new friends.
  8. Or you could think of it as another reason to relinquish your F-150 and join the hoards of tree-hugger-Prius-driving snobs in the Northend. Yeah, I got you man, I’d lose my friends too.
  9. Fake a horse-like depression, that way you can stay home, save on gas, and still get paid while on medical leave.
  10. Visit BoiseGasPrices.com for more good stuff on gas-saving tips or to start working on that depression skim. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like gas prices will go down anytime soon.

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