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First autonomous community elections in the Basque Country today since ETA’s ceasefire

Basques gathered at the polls today to participate on the first autonomous community elections in the Basque Country marked by ETA‘s absence. Basque nationalists prevailed, with opposition party PNV winning 27 seats and ousting ruling socialists PSE, who only won 16 seats. EH Bildu won 21 seats and conservative PP had 10. UPyD won one seat.

I am many things and know about some others, but political issues are definitely outside the scope of my expertise. So I will simply leave you with several links on ETA and Basque politics, along with a search tool and graphic for election results.

Basques look ahead to elections for first time since ETA ceasefire

Pro-independence parties expected to win Basque country elections in Spain

Spain’s Premier Hopes to Avoid Electoral Setback on Austerity and Separatism

The Basque Peace Process

A new Basque beginning

Saturday marks a year since ETA’s end to its armed campaign

The End of ETA and The End of ETA continued (an interview with Basque journalist Martxelo Otamendi)

EU says Spain should have investigated presumed tortures to Otamendi

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