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Happy Basque Language Day!

Well, I checked and Google didn’t grace us Basques with our own doodle in honor of the Basque Language. Oh well, who needs Google’s doodle?  There are many other ways to celebrate the day, and Basques are doing it all over the world. Like every year,

Basques in Boise will gather at Boise’s Basque Block to celebrate with games, food, and singing. We will meet at the Basque Museum at 6:00 pm on Monday, December 3rd, and then move over to Leku-Ona at 7:00 pm for appetizers and singing.

Another fun way to promote the use of Basque would be checking out Azkue Foundation’s new website, Mintzatu.com. There, users can add to the map where in the world Basque languages is used. The project was launched a few days ago in collaboration with the Regional government of Biscay and the Basque Government. I learned about the site last week and immediately added some of my favorite places in Boise: the Froton, the Basque Center, Bar Gernika, Basque Market, Leku-Ona, and the Basque Museum. But then my blog went down and I wasn’t able to publish anything for a few days.

Apart from learning where else in the world Basque language is used, you can also win prizes by adding the places in your community where Basque is spoken. You’ll be entered in the drawing when you contribute three, and your chances will increase the more places you add. Other ways to get prizes are racking up the highest number of friends in the platform or finding hidden treasures in the map. The contest will end on February 15 and prizes include 100 and 200 euro gift cards you can use to buy products from FNAC (those of us in the Disapora will have the ability to do it through FNAC’s website).

Para leer sobre Mintzatu.com en castellano, haz clic aquí.

Mintzatu.com-i buruz euskaraz irakurtzeko, sakatu hemen.

What are you waiting for?

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