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The trip

Unpacked suitcaseIt’s been three weeks since I came back from my trip and the suitcase is still laying —unpacked— at the foot of my bed. True, I’ve been extremely busy with work and kids, friends and pala, but I must confess that there have been times when I could have gotten it done.

Whether you pack ahead or at the last minute like a normal person, you fill your suitcase with clean clothes and expectations. During the course of the trip, as your outfits get stained and adventures unfold, they entangled in your suitcase in a sweaty, untidy mess.

Once home from a trip, you’re supposed to unpack, throw your dirty gear in the the washing machine, dry it, fold it, and put it away. All clean. Back to normal. Like it never happened.

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4 thoughts on “The trip

  1. Steven Roosevelt

    My trick is to ship my dirty laundry home via UPS if its more than a weekend and fill by bag with souvenirs.

  2. Rosa

    You can use and wash the clothes/items as needed & before you know it- the suitcase is empty!

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