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Would you like to play in concert with Gatibu? EH Sona contest is back at the Barcelona Euskal Etxea

EH Sona 2013

The Basque music festival “EH Sona” (sounds from the Basque Country) is back at the Barcelona Euskal Etxea. This year, they’ve organized a contest to search for emerging Basque singers and bands. The winner will have a chance to play with Gatibu at  Razzmatazz!

If you would like to participate in the contest, just follow the instructions below. You have until the 8th of September to submit your three songs!


1) All those groups or singers who sing in Basque and never have participated in the festival EH sounds can enter the competition. There will be no limitation in terms of music styles.

2) The prize will be to give a concert at the Basque EH Sounds music festival, organized by the Basque Etxea of ​​Barcelona, along with the group Gatibu at Razzmatazz. The Euskal Etxea will be responsible for travel costs, overnight accommodation and meal expenses for the winners.

3) To participate in the contest the singer/group must send at least three songs.

4) Important contest dates:

  • From July 1 to September 8: Songs submission deadline.
  • September 18: There winner will be announced.
  • November 23: The concert.

5) The concert must be a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 50 minutes.

6) The songs must be sent in digital form and the Euskal Etxea will post them on its website and blog to promote the concert.

7) The jury will be composed of people involved in the music of the Basque Country and Catalonia.

8) Participants confirm that any breach of applicable law relating to intellectual property is not the responsibility of the organizers.

9) Taking part in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

10) If the organization deems it necessary, they can make changes to the rules as they see fit and communicate the changes appropriately.

11) For more information and to submit the work:

Bartzelonako Euskal Etxea
Cultural Center
1-3 08003 square Moncada
(Entrance Arch St. Vincent)

For more information on the contest, check out the Barcelona Euskal Etxea blog: http://blog.euskaletxeak.org/tag/eh-sona/

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