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Around the world back home

After what I’d deem as the longest trip back from Spain in the history of the world, the kids and I arrived safely in the US last night. I felt like Willy Fog and his loyal friends, Tico and Rigodon. It was so bad that even with the newer technology of modern days we’d have probably lost the bet. I’d tell you about the stops we had to endure to reach our destination, but I’ve already forgotten, there were so many. Luckily, other than being long, the plane rides were quite uneventful.

We did have to make an appearance in the immigration room at Newark airport, which is never a great time, but we were on our way to the hotel soon enough. I’m not sure who hired the decorator or when, but they should definitely look into remodeling that shit-hole. Not only is the room gray and somber, but the precarious state of the seats – this close to completely falling apart – tells the story of thousands and thousands of visitors who nervously waited for the immigration officers to grill them with questions and make them feel guilty for no reason at all.

Before we got taken into the detention chamber, I tried keeping myself entertained by looking around at all the other people who were also waiting in line to go through customs. Behind us, a bunch of black people headed to some religious conference, proudly displaying a huge tag on their chest that read “God’s word is the truth”, or something like that. In front, a white American family. The mom was carrying an enormous tote on her shoulder from which the top half of Squire magazine was sticking out. “Is heaven a prank?”, read the the headline. I should have just removed myself and let the two talk it out.

My home was there where I left it in June. People that always worry about you and want to see you still worried and looked forward to hanging out again. After months on the market, the house on the corner of Glenwood and Mountain View has still to find someone who’ll take over and fix it a little. I know how it feels.

Work was also still waiting for me, like nothing ever happened and I didn’t just spend three weeks enjoying life in another country. I was hoping that Windows would do what it does best, but my PC started up smoothly this morning. No updates, no viruses, no choking at all. Heaven is definitely a prank.

On the other hand,  the future king of England was born last Monday and has already been named. I can die now.

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  1. Henar Chico Post author

    Thanks! I’m starting to have to battle the jetlag a bit, but otherwise we’re doing great.

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