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Auzolan: New Boise’s Basque Block Initiative

AuzolanBoise’s Basque community is proud to announce the creation of a new initiative – Auzolan. Auzolan, in Euskara, means neighborhood work. Towns in the Basque Country used to form these groups to fix roads and bridges, things that would benefit the entire neighborhood. This concept has evolved a bit for Boise’s Basque Block. Businesses and organizations that call The Basque Block their home, are using this initiative not only to benefit the Block as a whole, but Boise and the surrounding areas as well.

Auzolan is working together to bring Basque Block Thursdays to life. Basque Block Thursdays consists of a program, lecture, lesson or event taking place on the Basque Block every Thursday in order to create a destination point for those interested in being part of the Basque community more than just once a year in July.

Basque Block Thursdays is a collaborative effort among the Boise Basque Center, Basque Museum & Cultural Center and Boise State Basque Studies, as well as community volunteers. The goal is to have people come to the Basque Block on a regular weekly basis for Basque fun and educational events.

First Thursday is not a new concept in downtown Boise at all. It is a well thought out program the entire downtown participates in. The Basque Block is continuing to support First Thursday with food and drink specials at the Basque Market & daily happy hour at Bardenay, late hours at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center with musicians and singers, and Amuma Says No, a Boise Basque band, entertains us later in the evening at Leku Ona.

Auzolan is working together to fill in the other Thursdays each month to give a variety of options for learning about the Basque culture. The Basque Museum & Cultural Center will be holding programs and events each of the Second Thursdays. Some of those events include book signings, cooking classes and lectures. Many of their programs will include other entities on the Block to add various topics.

Third Thursdays will take place at the Basque Center, located on the southeast corner of the Basque Block. Alumni and friends of Oinkari Basque Dancers will be teaching dances to those interested. They will begin with about 45 minutes of instruction, followed by 30-45 minutes of dancing. It is a great way to meet to new people and experience the Basque culture through music and dance.

Fourth Thursdays will be taken over by Boise State Basque Studies and will include Berbetan, a monthly discussion on a Basque topic or idea. The professors in the department will be rotating through topics as well as adding occasional movie nights to reach various audiences.

There are a few months with Fifth Thursdays, and each of those nights will be filled with events as well. All events, unless otherwise posted, are free and open to the public.

For a full list of all Auzolan & Basque Block activities, check out thebasqueblock.com or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/auzolan.

You can also check out any of the Basque Block entities by clicking the links below.


(Submitted by Annie Gavica to the Basque Museum and Cultural Center blog page on Thursday, 2014-01-30)

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  1. Pamela Mugica

    I’m planning to come in July.
    Would like to get all the info I can get.
    we have never been to Boise.

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