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On lowered pickup trucks

Lowered pickupWhy? That’s the first question that comes to mind after WTF when I see a lowered pickup crawling down the road. I kind of wonder the same thing when I see a monster truck lifted to the sun, sporting big old tires and a $3000 suspension system, but at least they look bad ass. Who cares about the compensation issues? Lowered pickups, on the other hand, are always smaller and they look stupid running around with their chassis on the ground. Not only that, but you always have to be on the lookout for any imperfections on the road in order to keep the front of your vehicle from getting smashed.

So forget the aesthetics. From a practical point of view alone, lowering my Jetta would be its death sentence and I’ve already totaled two cars.

The truck I saw the other day could not have been lowered another millimeter without hitting the ground. Even more shocking was looking at the copilot seat (of course I sped up to find out who was driving that thing, and he was white!). Anyway, you should have seen the look on my face when I realized he had a fire-extinguisher hooked up instead of the “oh shit” handle. If you can explain that one to me, I owe you a drink. The dude looked nothing like a firefighter, I can tell you that much.

This deal got me thinking about the lifting and lowering process for trucks, so I did some research and found an article called Pickup Trucks 101: Lowering Your Truck, written for PickupTrucks.com by Dan Sanchez (that’s more like it). There is all kinds of interesting stuff there for someone who cares.


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