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lilcreators, an innovative idea by Basque engineer Jon Kortabarria

Jon Kortabarria, an Oñati native now residing in Boise, is the Founder of lilcreators, a company that wants to make it possible for children to design and build their own bikes. Each lilbike kit comes complete with all of the tools and items needed to create a balance bike, and it provides your child with a hands-on experience to be enjoyed together with his or her family.

I’m particularly fond of their lildonators program: Once your child outgrows the lilbike and has gained the skills to move on to a standard bike, they can donate their bike to a child who can’t afford a bike of their own.

Sounds like an amazing idea, right? Well, this young Basque engineer is determined to make it a reality, no matter how tough beginnings can be. And you can help Jon bring his idea to life by visiting lilcreators’ gofundme page and making a donation. I did this morning, and it was fast and very easy. Plus you’ll get a reward with your donation; the more you donate, the cooler the reward!

Who is behind lilcreators?

Jon KFFounder, Jon Kortabarria was born in Oñati, a small town in the Basque Country (Spain). He majored with an Industrial Design Engineering Degree and a Master’s in Service and Experience Design, learning and realizing the importance of user needs and experiences. Finishing college he moved to Boise, Idaho and has worked as a Product Designer since. He became a kids’ educational product designer where he gained experience in the field. And now with your help he wants to see his idea turn into reality.

“The idea was important, but all my friends and family that believed it was a cool idea and encouraged me to go for it is what made me get this far in the process of this new experience. Thanks a lot!”.

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Larry Olson

5 thoughts on “lilcreators, an innovative idea by Basque engineer Jon Kortabarria

  1. Larry Olson

    Thanks Henar for the continued notices and interesting Basque happenings. Three years ago we were fortunate to visit Spain and Basque country. We were only able to visit Donostia due to a health crises with my sister-in-law. Plans were to visit Bilbao and Vitoria/ Gasteiz. I am eager to return. Grateful to know you and thereceipt of information. We need to meet for coffee sometime.

  2. Henar Chico Post author

    Hello Larry, I’m glad you like the updates. I know I’ve been quiet the last few months, but I’m hoping to become more active from now on. I’m up for coffee anytime. Just shoot me an email at chico.translations@gmail.com and we’ll make plans.

    I hope your sister-in-law is doing well now, by the way.

  3. Beatriz Gereka

    Era honetako proiektu interesgarri bat ezin da utzi laguntza barik!!!
    Segi aurrera Jon!!!

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