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Basque Global Network: An initiative to connect Basques worldwide

sgrc-9oqThe Basque Global Network is a Basque government initiative presented in July 2016 centered around the idea of a virtual meeting place for anyone connected in some way to, or just interested in, the Basque Country and Basque culture. This platform was created to encourage the cooperation and exchange of information on all things Basque, whether in the Basque Country or among the Basque diaspora throughout the world. The goal is for this Basque social network to serve as a meeting point between these people and Basque institutions with a central theme: Euskadi-Basque Country.

If you would like to get involved in the Basque Global Network, click here to sign up (Basque, Spanish, English and French available). You can also check them out on Facebook at Basque Global Network.


Content of BGN

This global Basque network is aimed at people of Basque origin who live outside the Basque Country (permanently or temporarily); Basques with international projection (regardless of where they reside): People associated with Basque Centers, members of other Basque virtual networks of international scope, and people with affinity for the Basque.

The languages of the new platform will be, Basque, Spanish, English and French, although there are no limitations to the use of other languages.

The BGN will host five thematic areas or subnets: institutional, business, cultural, educational and development cooperation. These areas respond to the different lines of work currently being developed by the Basque community in the international arena. Participation in this network will require an application with personal identification linking to one of these five areas.

Mark the difference

Unlike other social networks, the members of this global Basque network will be able, in addition to weaving networks of contacts or creating groups based on common interests, to manage and share events, calendars or documents. It is intended that all users of this network can be agents who contribute ideas and knowledge and generate interconnections for mutual benefit in a network of shared interests. Also, each member can determine their degree of privacy in the network.

Basque Community in the world

The Basque Government is taking steps for the Basque Country to adapt to an increasingly global world. The 2020 Internationalization Framework Strategy represents the “open” nature of the Basque Country project. The “Basque Country” brand is the sum of Euskadi, Euskal Herria, País Vasco and the Basque community abroad. With this new tool, both concepts are covered: “Basque” and “global”.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, it is estimated that there are now 84,300 Basques distributed throughout the world. Also, about 34,000 people are associated with 190 Basque Centers and federations established in 25 countries around the world. There are also millions of people of Basque origin and related to the Basque spread throughout the world.


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