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Meet Ur Handitan, the best program in Euskal Telebista

I discovered Ur Handitan a few months ago, after a profile by that name sent me a message through Basque online dating website, Kaixomaitia.eus. The picture on the profile was too good to be true, and the message a little weird. Apparently, a Basque language television program was looking for people to appear on their upcoming show about online dating. Unfortunately, they were looking for someone local and I live abroad, so no date and no television appearance. Just my luck.

Of course, I immediately googled “Ur Handitan” and found out that, yes, it is for real. So I opened Nahieran on my computer (Nahieran has all present and past shows aired by EITB in Basque and Spanish since its inception), and watched Ur Handitan for the first time. I loved it immediately. Since I started watching the show, they have covered all sorts of delicate issues like cancer, eating disorders, bullying, suicide, rape, down syndrome… You name it!

Whatever the issue at hand, though, Ur Handitan, and its host, Xabier Madariaga, have always approach it with respect, humanity, and tact. It is a moving experience to watch their program, and I’ve always wanted to share it with you, but the shows are in Basque with no English subtitles.

Until now. Ur Handitan’s last program, Motxiladun umeak (Kids with a backpack) centers on the effects dispersion of political prisoners has on those prisoners’ children and their families. It was so successful that people volunteered to transcribe and subtitle the show.

I found the episode on YouTube with English subtitles (thank you to whoever worked on it!), and couldn’t wait to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

For Spanish subtitles, go here: http://pakitoarriaran.org/index.php/multimedia/videos/4835-motxiladun-humeak

Ur Handitan: Motxiladun Umeak (Kids with a backpack)

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