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Literatura Susa: Download entire PDF books in Basque for free

I’ve started attending Basque classes again at the Basque Museum, after a few years missing in action. I got lazy, I guess, because I had people outside the class who kept me busy speaking in Basque. Overtime, I stopped chatting with them for various reasons, but I never signed up for classes again. I got overwhelmed with work and stuff, and I didn’t even care that my Basque was becoming rusty.

After returning home from Ortuella last summer, Maitane asked to get enrolled in one of the lower-level Basque language classes at the Basque Museum. As long as I had to drive her there and back, I decided I might as well get myself signed up again. I didn’t realized how much I missed our weekly meetings. My classmates are fun and our teacher keeps us engaged with readings, and lively conversation. Plus she always has interesting information to share.

This week, she told us about this online website that offers entire books in PDF format, for free! The books are written in Basque, either by Basque authors or translated from foreign languages, and are a mixture of fiction and poetry. The website is called Literatura Susa: https://susa-literatura.eus/ebook.

Go browse it! I am sure you’ll find something you like. I have already downloaded a couple of books. Hopefully they are not too difficult. If they are, I guess the Elhuyar and Morris dictionaries will have to be my best friends for a while!


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