A Basque in Boise

It’s always greener

OppositesIt seems we’re never happy with what we’ve got. Here I am trying to lose the weight I’ve slowly put on during the last few months (no luck, by the way), while my friend is on a high-calorie diet but can’t keep the fat on, for the life of her. Married people long for the single life (fine, not you, aha), while single people line up on Match.com like they were giving away free s… I mean, smiles. If you have a demanding job, you complain you got time for nothing but work, but if you’re unemployed you swear you’ll do whatever it takes to earn a living. When my kids were born I couldn’t wait for them to talk and tell me what they wanted. Now that they do (non-stop), I wish they were babies and be quiet. You got big boobs? You buy volume-reduction bras. You got no boobs? You get D-size silicon implants. Curly hair? You become best friends with your blow-dryer and straightening iron. Straight hair? You go for a perm. You are Basque and you… oh, hold on, we’re ok with that. Is the other people that want to change, hehehe…

I don’t know… The point is, we all do this. All the time. And it just seems like such a waste of time, energy, and the best way to psyche oneself down. We really should stop. I make a point of it every day. I fail miserably half the time, but practice makes perfect, right?

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