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Yes you can! (Can I?)

awesomeSometimes people will tell you how cool you are, and how there is no reason why you can’t date anybody you want. I’m a bit confused now. Are you asking me out? Won’t your girlfriend have a fit about that? Ohhh… Hold on, I get it! Anybody I want, but not you. Of course.

I know… People mean well. I just had this thought on ‘Draft’ for a while and it was time to set it free.

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3 thoughts on “Yes you can! (Can I?)

  1. Only German friend

    This message to “sb=somebody” is interesting. I wonder whether “sb” is aware you are addressing this issue. Or whether “sb” better not read it at all. It is always a matter of how you look at it. As you say later in a blog posting, why waste time on the things that you can not have anyway, right?! It will take time to date the right person. You are wonderful and great. You are funny and smart. Just be patient!

  2. Henar Chico

    Hehehe, “Only German friend”, thanks. People really just mean well.

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