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I don’t care that you changed your name from “Mantifel” (wtf, anyway?) to “Sabino” (ok, I’m down with that),  you don’t fool me. You’re the same spammer. Gotcha! And even though I know you’re not real, I might have approved your first comment and gave you what you wanted if you’d have spared me the criticism on the second one. What do you mean I “used” to write magnificent? What’s wrong about that blog post? I thought I had expressed, in perfectly correct English, the need for more host families for the young Basque students during the month of July.

Then, you tried making it all better by sucking up to me on your next “spomment”, with your “genial style” and “clean design” bullshit. Whatever, dude. I told you, not only did you not fool me, but you pissed me off, which is definitely not good. You’re gonna have to come up with a hell of a better email address if you want to have a chance with me.

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